Pivot3 is building the world’s most advanced software-defined solutions for the data center of the 21st century to simplify management, reduce risk, and allow IT to focus on driving business results.

Our unique architecture allows organizations to lower both cost and complexity by pooling storage, compute, and network resources into a shared infrastructure. Our solutions deliver extreme availability, high performance, and industry-leading fault tolerance for high-demand applications.

Not many organizations can throw away everything and start out with a brand new infrastructure as most IT environments still have legacy equipment that needs to be maintained. The Pivot3 system provides the unique ability to service legacy infrastructures with both physical and virtual hosts. We provide your organization with maximum flexibility to feasibly grow into a hyper-converged solution at your own pace, in an easy to adopt, pay-as-you-grow model.

Key Benefits
  • Up to 94% of total installed disk capacity effectively available for storage.
  • Pre-validated system configuration.
  • Scalable, market-leading storage efficiency with exceptional fault tolerance across data centers.
  • Unified storage and compute in a hyper-converged environment, starting with only one box.
  • Extremely low compute overhead means more processing power for foreground applications, while also increasing the density of virtual machines.
  • Built on a foundation of VMware vSphere® 6.0. The industry-leading virtualization platform empowers users to virtualize any application with confidence by redefining availability and simplifying the virtual data center.
Key Features

Industry-leading Fault Tolerance: high availability of up to 99.9999% means that IT can lose up to five drives at a time, or up to two drives and an entire node at the same time and still be up and running with no data loss. Traditional HCI solutions using replication can withstand only two simultaneous failures – losing a third drive or node failure results in critical data loss.

Single Pane of Glass Management: No need to monitor for hotspots or performance issues; with automated node recognition and system data layout, users can easily take advantage of new spindles and CPUs. Optional “Phone home” functionality provides daily system updates, proactively monitoring for failures.

High Performance: The Pivot3 system pools all resources for compute, memory and storage across all nodes to increase overall performance. And because we use block-based SAN storage rather than a File System, we are able to eliminate single points of failure and maintain high performance without impacting availability.

Storage Efficiency: Pivot3 is optimized so customers can utilize up to 94% of total raw capacity in the system. This means we can deploy on smaller footprint systems like blades and all-flash nodes to get the most out of the hardware.

Best-in-class Global Support: Available 24x7x365, with hardware support via OEMs that leverage existing support structures, with software support across resources in North and South America, EMEA, and APAC

Download a Pivot3 General Overview
Download a Pivot3 General Overview

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