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Driving Innovations with NICE CXone’s Enlighten AI

Organizations operate in a constantly changing and complex environment, which poses various challenges and obstacles, including economic uncertainty, increased competition, changing customer preferences, and technological advancements. To succeed in this environment, organizations must keep in mind multiple competing objectives as they make decisions.

Meeting high consumer expectations is a key objective for many organizations, and this need grows more complex as organizations must interact with customers through various digital channels at any time. Furthermore, organizations must invest in a dynamic workforce with tools that enable productivity while supporting engagement from any work location. Finally, any new technology investment must show an ROI and scale to meet future needs.

With Enlighten AI, you will be able to:

  • Have better Smart Self-Service

  • Increase Personalized Connections

  • Improve Agent Behaviors and CSAT

  • Identify Root Causes of Complaints

Are you ready to differentiate your brand from the competition with best-in- class customer experience? With AI power informed by decades of customer interaction data, you’ll be able to discover the valuable insights in every customer interaction.

Enlighten AI is a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that is purpose-built for CX and make every application and process smarter in real time. Developed from the industry’s largest interaction dataset and based on over 20+ years of analytics innovation experience, Enlighten AI is delivered out-of-the-box for many use cases. Enlighten AI makes it easy to uncover insights, accelerate actions, and turn customer service into a real competitive differentiator

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