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 Fractional IT Leadership For Strategic Advantage

Fractional IT Leadership

The velocity of technology change today is not only constant, but it is also ubiquitous. So how can an organization stay on top of the rapid changes to drive overall strategy, create revenue, and nurture technology talent?


Today's IT organizations are challenged with a lack of talents and a complex growing environment.  Many IT professionals are task to do more with fewer resources (time, budget and people).  Without a CIO leading the charge, your organization's IT department can lose its way.

When you hire a full time IT executive, you get what you can find and afford, but many do not always what your business needs.


A virtual CIO (vCIO) is a dedicated resource that serves as a chief information officer flexibly. Their primary role is to develop strategic IT goals for your company, create or validate an IT roadmap, and then manage an IT strategy and budget that meets those goals. 


Developing a strategic technology plan can be a complex and challenging task, especially in a market where change is constant, and not everyone has the skills to do it effectively.


At MR2 Solutions, our virtual chief information officers can bridge between the business and technology teams to ensure on-time and on-budget implementations.    


They are in-tuned with the technology landscapes, trends, advancements, significant players in the industry, and emerging technologies.   

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Service Highlights

  • Technology & Strategy Review.

  • Annual plan and budget management. 

  • Align IT strategies with business objectives. 

  • CIO assisted RFP/Vendor selection process. 

  • Interim/part-time CIO to lead/evolve IT departments.

Virtual CIO Role

  • Work with executive management to develop a strategy. 

  • Work with operations on project implementations. 

  • Work with IT personnel on execution. 

Benefits of a Fractional IT Leadership

  • Our vCIOs are available immediately:  Full-time, part-time, short-term or long-term, on-site or remote.  

  • MR2’s team of CIO’s have industry-specific expertise. 

  • Seasoned vCIO available on an as-needed basis. 

  • We are result-driven.

  • Access to an ecosystem of providers, subject matter experts, and tried and true IT-Decision making platform.

Staff Augmentation

Technology Brokering Services

Information technology is getting complicated. It’s so complex, in fact, that staying on top of business technology can become so time consuming that businesses are hard pressed to focus on more important objectives, like actually running the business. 

Many IT organizations are challenged with lack of internal talent and expertise while being task to do more with less resources (time, budget & people).   All the while, the technology landscape is evolving at a faster and faster pace that it’s nearly impossible for any organization to keep up. 

We are an extension of your team, helping you navigate the confusion in the market place caused by the accelerating pace of change in IT.   We understand the technology trends in the industry and can help you make sense of how it can impact your business.

As Trusted Advisors we give your company a competitive advantage.  We know the strengths of key service providers and can agnostically help you choose the right one for you.  We’ll work side by side with your team to design, procure, implement, and support even the most complex IT solutions.  

Quite simply, a Trusted Advisor is the best resource a CIO will ever have.

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Here are three (3) key elements

that a successful technology broker / trusted advisor should offer:

At MR2 Solutions, we represent the most comprehensive and curated PORTFOLIO of next generations solutions.   Our eco-system of technology partners/providers offer global solutions that span managed cloud, security, colocation, unified communications, contact centers and SDWAN technologies. 

This robust portfolio of market-leading solutions is constantly growing to meet changing demands.    We represent best-in-class vendors, market leaders and industry disruptors because that’s what our customers deserve.


Finding the right solution for your specific needs the first time.   Your trusted advisor will work with you to determine, define business goals, challenges, pain-points and criteria.  

We leverage our institutional knowledge to find a select few best-match solutions for you to evaluate using our Interactive Quick Assessment Tool

Behind every successful I.T. initiative, you need people and resources who execute discovery research, formulate strategies, build plans, research market options, favorably influence service contracts, manage the project, oversee the implementation, and manage vendor relationships.   It's a lot to deal with… At MR2 our clients get the right amount of help when they need it, for as long as they need it through our Back Office Technology Team.

Working as a part of your team, our Trusted Advisors help you manage day-to-day operational tasks and guide you through the strategic, long-term initiatives that will create value for your enterprise. They bring the experience and institutional knowledge of thousands of transactions to every project for you.

 From Seasoned and Knowledgeable Engineers
who are easy to work with and can be counted on for any project – large or small.

MR2 Services include support, management, and strategic consultation in three areas: Intelligent Data Management, data center infrastructure and network management.

MR2 provides high quality IT service and support for small to mid-sized companies.  Accumulating over a three decades of combined technology experience, MR2 experts specialize in server virtualization, data protection, disaster recovery, networking and project implementation, Digital Transformation Project Management Services.

Digital Transformation Project Management Services.

Data growth is a vital issue in most businesses today, so it is critical to have a reliable and efficient data center. MR2 helps IT departments with insufficient human and physical resources to obtain an optimal solution to meet their business needs.

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